Friday, October 9, 2009

A Wonderful News Flash and Four-Pronged Happiness

I've had a busy couple of days, and this afternoon am basking over four reasons to be happy:

I started the day elated by the news that President Obama is receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

I spent most of the day reorganizing my writing files, both in the file cabinet and on my computer. I also submitted a picture book and a poem to publishers, which always makes me feel GREAT.

My after school art club started off small yesterday -- 5 students -- but they are very focused and said they want their friends to come. They all asked for a longer art period. (What teacher isn't happy over a request like that?) So, class time is expanded now from an hour to an hour and a half each Thursday.

My friend from Galicia who speaks German and Spanish, but no English, has been e-mailing me wonderful letters to translate. She and her husband have lived in Germany for several years, but they return to Galicia twice a year during the same period of time that we go. We've struck up a good friendship with them, fed by their patience with our lurching Spanish, and our determination to become better at it. Today I was able to translate a very long page.

Three satisfying accomplishments and one great news flash.

Of course, there's always something to bring one back to earth: The weeds still call from the back garden, despite my best efforts not to hear them. They refuse to be ignored and are getting louder, louder, LOUDER....

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