Monday, October 19, 2009

I Decided to Delete Twitter

I've decided to delete Twitter from my blog. Also from my Facebook. It's a nice idea to have everything connected, and my nephew's enthusiasm was quite contagious. But then I saw how the tweets were mounting up in the margin of my blog, taking too much attention away from what I want to talk about in more depth. And the tweets started showing up as postings on my Facebook -- way too many postings. (I don't post very often.)

If anyone wants to read my tweets in addition to my blog or Facebook, they can always go to my Twitter site: 4thWishVaradan. Otherwise, I'll assume those tweets are being heard as cheery chirping in cyberspace, and I'm returning my blog and Facebook sites to normal.


Clementine said...

You're better than me...I don't even Twitter. It drove me nuts. I don't want everybody in the universe to know when I'm going to the grocery store. It's all I can do to keep up with life as it is!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Well, I've kept a twitter account, and it's really fun if you focus on writing. (I post wher I am in my next book, or something like that. It actually helps me stay on track, and also puts the name of my next book out there. I just didn't want it on my blog, because they don't just post the new one, they piggy back one after the other after the other.
On another note, I really liked your blog posting about what children are and are not reading.