Friday, August 20, 2021

Tuesday I Had Cataract Surgery

Dear friends, 

sorry I've been silent again. On Tuesday I had cataract surgery and had to stay off the computer for three days. Even now, I'm keeping that eye closed just for good measure. Tomorrow I can do all things in my normal life again, but for three days I couldn't read, or use the computer. (So I listened to music and my Portuguese CDs. But really, I love being online and hated missing all the news. And no reading? Aaarrrrgh!)
But the surgery went very well. My surgeon checked the eye (left) yesterday and is quite satisfied. After my three week period of eyedrops is over, I have another appointment to get a prescription for glasses. Interestingly, the opthamologist does all the optometry testing/prescription as well. I have to say, I like the idea of one person keeping track of my eyes instead of two departments. It's a different system. And I do like my opthamologist, although I had a super one in Sacramento. She was great, too.
Rajan has an appointment next Tuesday, as it's time for him to get a new prescription.
Meanwhile, today I get to go out walking again! (I've missed that, too!)

I'll sign off for now but will be back soon. Everyone have a great day.