Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Week After the Event But Still Thrilled

Last week-end my computer had a few issues and was at the repair shop waiting for diagnosis and cure. I didn't get it back until two days ago, so I had to wait to post these pictures.

Last Saturday (January 20th) Rajan and I took part in the Women's March in Sacramento, and the turn-out was wonderful: An estimated 36,000 was in the crowd before the day was over.

Normally I confine my activities to emails and phone calls and social media, but this was one event we didn't want to miss. It was important to "stand up and be counted" as the saying goes.

We started out near the end of the line in this picture above.
Below are a few more pictures from the day:
Rounding the corner onto Capitol Ave.

Onward toward the capitol building

I enjoyed the humor of this.

The crowd was peaceful, no arrests
Everyone was of good cheer

What a sight!
Listening raptly to the speakers.

A great morning and early afternoon. We left a little after 2:00 but the beat went on.

How about you? Did you march? Do you know someone who did? Do you have other issues that inspire you to protest or march? Or do you prefer to write about issues dear to your heart instead? How do you express your deepest concerns about things?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Yes, I Know I Should be Blogging, But . . .

I was busy having Xmas holidays with my god family.

Had a great family visit from a nephew & wife from India, their son & wife, and their son .  .  .
Add caption
Started teaching art club again after the holidays  . . .

Attended two book signings to support writer friends.

Took the tree down . . .

Wrote a picture book about birds and am re-working an MG novel that was hibernating.

But don't give up on me. I will be back to blogging soon.

How about you? Do holidays and projects disrupt your blogging?