Friday, October 16, 2009

School Visit Coming Up

My school visit to talk about The Fourth Wish is coming up soon: two weeks from today. I'll be speaking at the elementary school where I taught a few years ago, which is fun to consider. After speaking to an assembly, then I'll sign books in the library.

Meanwhile, I've started the rewrite of my historical middle grade novel, Granny's Jig. I'm two chapters into the new version, and it's going well. But I have a deadline, since I promised a teacher at another school that I'd have it ready to read to her class for feedback by Spring. So, it's back to work: No more blogging until after Chapter Three.


Clementine said...

Oh, I hope I get to do that one day. Being with the children is the best part!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

I agree. An enjoyable part of writing The Fourth Wish was reading it to classes of the target age group. Kids are great critiquers, and I did a lot of revising based on their comments!