Published Fiction and Poetry for Adults

      (Work can be read at publications below that are in bold, maroon type.)     

                    Flash Fiction:
"Persephone"                   Fiction Attic, July, 2014
“The Song”                       Art Times, December, 2007                                         
“A Matter of Minutes”       Laughter Loaf, November 15, 2006
“Throwing Pennies”          Melic Review, June, 2005 
“Casta Diva”               Long Story Short, February 7, 2005
“Cat People”       Long Story Short, February 7, 2005
“Sapphire”               Whim’s Place, January, 2005
“The Scream”               Long Story Short, August, 2004
“Blackjack”       Flash Me Magazine, July 31, 2004
"Porpoises"                      Word Riot, April, 2004 
“Got Milk?”       Art Times, August, 2003       

                   Short Stories: 
"Going Home," Page & Spine, The Reading Lamp section, April 13, 2018
"Measuring Light", Issue #5 Notes Magazine, August, 2012                                                                    
 “Diva,” C-Oasis, July, 2006
 “Wishing”, The Banyon Review, Spring, 2006                                 
 “Seeing Clearly”, Epiphany, June, 2004                                                                    


"Measuring Light," Special Honorable Mention       
Byline Short Story Contest, February, 2006

"Dragons" - Honorable Mention
Jack London 9th Annual Writers Conference, 1997

"The Falcon", "The Hummingbird", Fall, 2018 issue, 
Song of the San Joaquin 

"Hold On," Spring/Summer, 2015 Anthology of The Stray Branch

"Haikus at an Exhibition," Vine Leaves Literary Journal,  January, 2012                      
“Winter Trees,” The Ophidian, November, 2010

"The Homeless," Poems for All, Little Books, August, 2006

"The Bombing of Baghdad," Poems for All, Little Books, August, 2006       

“The End of Music,” Because People Matter, July/August, 2003

Four Haiku :                                                                                   
   “Oak Tree,”
   “Marina”, Poetry Break Journal, Sept/Oct, 1991                                                   

"Reflections," All Time Favorite Poetry1971  


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