Friday, May 15, 2009

Ask Your Doctor

Yesterday one of my nephews graduated from the UCSF medical program and is now a doctor. My husband and I went down to San Francisco Wednesday evening, so as not to be late for the Commencement program. (It's been awhile since either of us have driven in SF, a city full of one-ways streets that can have you driving in hilly mazes for hours.)

I was quite moved to see all those graduates -- around 140 or so -- being launched into the world to save our lives and help us make wise medical decisions. What an awesome task to be charged with! After listening to the commencement speakers, I have a new appreciation for doctors in general. I was inspired by the dedication of those who enter and stay in the profession.

So here's to doctors. And here's to my nephew, a new doctor. And here's to his brother, too, who will also be a doctor this time next year. (If and when future health matters arise, I'll certainly know where to turn for additional information, won't I!)

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