Friday, May 22, 2009

Art and Writing

I like to paint, but I'm a writer who likes to paint, as opposed to a painter who likes to write. My first love is definitely the writing. It's always been hard for me to paint during the time that I'm working on a writing project, so I promised myself that when I finished my collection of stories for children, I'd reward myself with some painting time.

I am happy to say that I did indeed finish the collection, and last week I mailed it to an editor I met at the May 2nd SCBW&I conference. I talked to her at break time, and she said it sounded interesting, and to send the whole book. All attendees were promised they could send one piece of writing to her, so no promises were implied here. Still, I was glad I could send the whole collection, since most editorial guidelines ask for only a synopsis and sample pages. I'm glad, too, she knows it's a collection; collections are hard to market.

Now to the reward for finishing: I've signed up for 5 classes in pastel landscapes with my favorite pastel artist, Reif Erickson. My husband and I both have admired his work for years. I had envisioned having to drive up to Auburn for classes, but at present, Erickson is teaching them at a center five blocks away from my house. How lucky can you get?

Then I'll get back to my next book: It's actually a rewrite that I started when the story collection grabbed my attention and took over, and I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Till then, I'm going to "go visual" for awhile. And, who knows? Maybe that will show up later in my writing.


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