Friday, December 9, 2022

Meanwhile, Now That We're Back In Braga . . ..

 It's wonderful to be here. The Christmas season is upon us, and it's being celebrated brilliantly (i.e., with lot's of lights and window displays.)

Roasted chestnuts on
a cold night. 

The tree at Praça República 

Closer to the tree. Isn't it 

These two pics were part of the same window display

I have always liked window displays, miniatures, and animated scenes. All these little scenes were animated. I was entranced. 

Then last evening we were doing one of our walk-abouts — in the rain, no less — and the rain didn't seem to daunt anyone else, either. Rain or shine, tourist come and locals turn out to shop and then have a drink or a bite in one of the many cafés, bars, and restaurants. 


And on a previous afternoon, when it wasn't raining, so many were sitting at outside tables and some were eating ice cream cones. But it is amazing: What once would have struck me as weather too cold to get out and about in now seems just . . . invigorating. 

But never too cold for a parade! In Braga, any time is a time to celebrate, and there is a fabulous drumming group that comes out for all these celebration. We followed them around for a while, and what struck me was how musical drums can be. They even seemed to change key at times. I got only a photo or two and one short video, but you can see the little girl skip-dancing to the beat as the crowd follows the drummers around the corner. 

The drummers and 

I have to confess, Christmas is my favorite holiday, and the Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. (Well, I love fall - which is also very beautiful here): 

How about you? Do you like animated miniatures? What is your favorite holiday and season?


  1. I am so very glad to read that you have arrived home again in time to enjoy the season - to the max.

  2. Thanks, E.C. They certainly celebrate it to the max. Just tonight the university students were out in the Avenida da Liberdade walkway in costume with instruments singing and dancing to some celebratory aspect of the season. It was great.

  3. So glad you've arrived home for the holidays. Loved seeing the decorated store windows. Happy Holidays!

  4. Thanks, Natalie. We certainly feel the holiday spirit everywhere we go. Even Christmas carols I grew up with are piped into public places - sung in Portuguese! And all the old Chrismas favorites: White Christmas, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (though these are sung in English. But they are very popular here.)

  5. Braga sounds wonderful. I'm so glad you found such a happy place to live.

  6. Hi, Sandra. Thanks for your kind sentiments. We are very happy we made the move.

  7. Lovely lights <3
    When I was growing up, I loved the (Jewish) holiday of Purim because it was close to my birthday, and it was all about dress-up.
    It's still a fun & funny holiday in Israel. It doesn't register elsewhere.

  8. Good evening, Mirka (here in Portugal). Your comment made me go look up Purim. I've been aware of Hanukkah all these years, but not Purim. Purim sounds like a lovely holiday with its focus on family and on joy. And dressing up! (I used to play dress-up with my friends when I was a kid. My mother was a singer and had a little trunk of costumes that she would let us use.

  9. I'm a big Christmas fan too, Elizabeth:)

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Sandra. It's always a pleasure to see you here.


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