Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Week After the Event But Still Thrilled

Last week-end my computer had a few issues and was at the repair shop waiting for diagnosis and cure. I didn't get it back until two days ago, so I had to wait to post these pictures.

Last Saturday (January 20th) Rajan and I took part in the Women's March in Sacramento, and the turn-out was wonderful: An estimated 36,000 was in the crowd before the day was over.

Normally I confine my activities to emails and phone calls and social media, but this was one event we didn't want to miss. It was important to "stand up and be counted" as the saying goes.

We started out near the end of the line in this picture above.
Below are a few more pictures from the day:
Rounding the corner onto Capitol Ave.

Onward toward the capitol building

I enjoyed the humor of this.

The crowd was peaceful, no arrests
Everyone was of good cheer

What a sight!
Listening raptly to the speakers.

A great morning and early afternoon. We left a little after 2:00 but the beat went on.

How about you? Did you march? Do you know someone who did? Do you have other issues that inspire you to protest or march? Or do you prefer to write about issues dear to your heart instead? How do you express your deepest concerns about things?


Kate Larkindale said...

It's always good to get out amongst like-minded people to get your voice heard.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hi, Kate. So true. It's wonderful to see you are not alone and that so many are on the same wave-length, even though everyone's approach may be a little different. Have a nice day.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Awesome that you were able to go. They had a march in Ann Arbor, but I already had other plans. There was a good turnout though. So important to go to these marches and exercise our free speech rights.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

You are so right, Natalie. I'm glad that the turn-outs seem to be getting greater and not just dribbling away. That does give me hope for the future. In the meantime, there have been marches I couldn't attend because of other plans, so I know how that goes. There will be more, I know. Have a great day.

Vicki Lane said...

Good for you! I wish I could be a part of these marches but am not able to because of walking/standing issues. I try to express my opinions on my blog or on Facebook.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hi, Vicki. You do a great job of that! I always take heart from your posts. I know my husband and I both won't be able to march forever, since we are moving along life's road, so to speak. We are doing it while we can. But every bit helps, and your posts certainly give support!

Nas said...

It's great that you managed to go and added your voice. I do think its important to show our support for some things which are close to our hearts.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hello, Nas, thanks for stopping by. I do, too. There are many ways to do that. Marching is only one. I've novels that impacted me deeply because of the authors' heartfelt writing.