Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back to The World of Blogging

I haven't been blogging because. . . A series of FORTUNATE events have been keeping me busy.

 There was the art show in March. I always love setting it up. But then there was taking it down again before our trip to Spain. Busy, busy, when you are packing too.

The art show in the window of Are Ellis.
There was the trip to Galicia. Wonderful, as always.  This is our village, Trasulfe.

But this time there was not much time to blog, because I was doing a rewrite of my mystery for an agent who is interested. She liked many of the changes, but wanted more changes. So. . . , that meant another rewrite before surgery, along with the year's wind up of art club. And I still have another rewrite coming up. But I love doing it. I thought the book was ready before, but it's much better now, and I like the agent's approach.

Here is a location that is important in Book 1.

In our absence, our friends in Galicia arranged for an exhibit of my husband's photos of places in Galicia. We couldn't be there for it, but we heard it went well. There were 60 photos in all. Here are four of them:

And then there was the surgery itself, two days ago. (But you don't want photos of that.)  I spent the last two weeks in pre-op appointments as well as gardening. I am so glad I pulled weeds and made the garden beautiful. Now, bed-bound,I can look out my back window and enjoy roses and geraniums when I get tired of reading. Rajan also put a huge bouquet of sunflowers in a vase on the desk in my writing nook here inthe bedroom. Another restful sight, and so cheery! (Don't have a picture of that yet, but I will.)

We also visited friends,because for about 7 weeks I won't be traveling anywhere except into cyberspace! (I AM looking forward to reading your blogs again after being so focused on my own activities for so long.)

Meanwhile the surgery went quite well. I'm supposed to stay off that foot and keep it elevated for about 7 weeks. I'm well-armed with books to read. So you can expect some book reviews in days to come. Also I have my writing notebooks to keep me occupied, and hopefully the time will fly until I'm back at my desk and working on Book 2 of this mystery series.

How about you? How do you plan for those times when health issues change your schedule? Do you put everything on hold? Or do you find a way to maintain a schedule of sorts?


Golden Eagle said...

I'm glad to hear the surgery went well. I hope the 7 weeks pass quickly and you're back on your feet!

writing and living by Richard P Hughes said...

I think I put everything on hold.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Eagle. Back on my feet! I like that.

Richard, I never can bear to put EVERYTHING on hold. It nags at metro much. I am learning to "do ahead" instead. I do the things I know will nagand put the rest on hold.

Rosi said...

Honestly, there are times seven weeks of forced quiet time sounds pretty wonderful, but I've had foot surgery, and it is not a great trade off. I hope the time flies for you and you enjoy all those books.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks, Rosi. One of the books I thoroughly have enjoyed so far is Kasparov The Titanic Cat. I may have the exact name wrong (it's in the other room) , but it's the one I won in your contest. A great read. Now I'm on the latest Maisie Dobbs mystery. My neighbor loaned it to me. Ihave the first in the series if you want to read it.

Theresa Milstein said...

These are a series of fortunate events! Except recovering from surgery, but if it's making you better, that's fortunate too!

Even a cold can put me out of writing commission for a few days. It's hard to be inspired/focused when sick.

Nick Wilford said...

Welcome back! I'm glad the surgery went well, and glad there's been fun stuff going on as well. Exciting news about the agent. Enjoy recharging your batteries while you're resting up.

Tanya Reimer said...

Rest up and speedy recovery. Nothing will make the time past quicker than books and writing. That's what I'd do, oh and boss others around so my house stays clean. lol. And yay on the agent. Best of luck with that, sounds exciting.

Lydia Kang said...

Sometimes I wish for bedrest just so I can catch up on reading, too!

In any case, hope you recover nicely. :)

Rachna Chhabria said...

I am glad that your surgery went well. I am so thrilled that the rewrites are going well. Waiting eagerly for the good news. Take care.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Theresa, you're right: the foot surgery wasn't exactly a fortunate event, but recovery will be. :-) Meanwhile the reading is nice, but I'm not to the point where I can do any creative writing yet.

Nick, thanks for the good wishes. I'm sure sleeping a lot when I'm not reading, so I should come out of this pretty refreshed!

Tanya, thanks. I'm reading, but not writing yet. But just resting feels good. Thanks for the good wishes re: agent, too.

Lydia, yes, reading is the best part of this time. That, and no deadlines. But I know myself: In a few days I'll want to be busy again.

Rachna, nice to hear from you. I've been wondering how your own writing is going. I still have to do another rewrite before I'll know if there IS good news for sure, so cross fingers. :-)