Monday, November 9, 2009

This and That

I just got back yesterday from a week-end at Pajaro Dunes with seven good friends who go way back. The sound of the ocean, good food and wine, and plenty of laughter -- just the thing after a miserable flu-ridden week and its aftermath. I didn't read or write while there (well, except for the crossword puzzle and scribbling notes to myself regarding my book); but I gambled (and lost) a few nickles and dimes at dominoes, drew crazy pictures at Pictionary, and enjoyed catching up on seven lives.

As after any vacation, it feels great to be home again, refreshed, re-energized, and back into routines. (And, in this case -- since I seldom take trips without him -- back to my husband.) So, today I return to working on Granny's Jig. I'm still enjoying the "I can't wait to get started" feeling that comes and goes during any long work. (With me, it often goes.)

A writing friend sent me a newspaper interview with several writers about their writing processes. Margaret Atwood advises, "Put your left hand on the table, your right hand in the air. If you stay that way long enough, the plot will come." At present, in my enthusiastic stage, I may not have to try that. But, since my characters changed behind my back -- some of them even disappeared -- who knows? The old plot line may have vanished, too. That's a mystery that can only be solved by moving into the new version.

Meanwhile, I am still savoring the echo of the ocean's roar and the laughter of good friends.

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Clementine said...

Now that's an interesting way to plot! lol!