Monday, March 21, 2016

The After-School Art Club's Art Show Ten Days Ago

I had meant to blog about my students' art show earlier, but time got away. (Some weeks are just like that.)

First, I'd like to thank University Art Supplies Store for hosting the students' art reception on Saturday, March 12th to kick off the exhibit, which will be displayed in the window for the rest of March and all of April.

University Art is a marvelous art supplies store that provides several programs for young people, as well as classes for all ages. They are located at the corner of 26th Street and J Street. You can learn more about their products and programs HERE, (and please "like" them on Facebook HERE. )

Next, I'd like to thank the South Natomas Community Center for being so supportive of the after- school art club. They purchase materials for me and store them at the center. All I have to do is go in and teach, and students already love art before they ever come in. The center offers a variety of services and classes for the community. You can learn more about their programs HERE 

Now -- on with the Second Saturday art reception and exhibit. For those who don't live in Sacramento, "Second Saturday" each month is when  art lovers go from gallery to gallery, enjoying  receptions for new art exhibits. The receptions often feature wine and munchies, but our artists served punch and cookies. Below are the 17 pieces of art displayed, along with pictures of some of the students and their families. Enjoy.


            Students range in age from 6 to 14, although the class is mainly set up for 8-to-12-year-olds. But some are returning students and go farther with the lessons, and some have older siblings in class, which keeps the class from becoming geared to 1st or 2nd-graders: The younger ones simply keep up and constantly amaze me with their grasp of what are basically lessons for older kids. Below are pictures of some of the students who came to the reception (in shifts, between noon and 2:00 p.m.) and their proud families. It got pretty hectic at times, so I didn't get a chance to photograph everyone who came.

This artist is seven.

Her cousin, artist on the right, is nine.

The artist on the left just turned eight.
Hopefully her brother will join one day.
Another seven-year old artist.

This artist just turned seven.
The artist on left is ten. Shy sister on
right is too young for the class.
Her thirteen-year-old sister, a fine
  artist, was sick and couldn't attend.

Two artists, sisters; the one on left is
seven; the one on the right is eleven.

I  didn't get a photo of these two artists
 before they left, so this is last year's
photo: The artist on the left is nine
this year; on the right, fourteen.

The artist, eleven and dedicated,
is almost hidden by her two
younger siblings in this picture.

Being involved with these students gives me a special boost each week. I always come home rejuvenated by their energy. We have two more classes this year, and then the art class is over until November. While I have other projects that need tending to, I'm going to miss them. 

How about you? Are you an art lover? Do you do any volunteer projects that give you special enjoyment?


Geo. said...

A most excellent exhibition, and program! I'm happy to see the corner is still an essential part of the city's artistic force. When I was a framer and restorer at Art Ellis Sign and Art Supply, 2508 J Street (early 1970s), the site at 26th was Van and Taylor's. Its newer incarnation demonstrates more civic activity --much to young artists' and community members' delight. Thank you for this great photo-coverage.

Richard Hughes said...

It's quite a joy seeing children involved in drawing and painting pictures. They are so focused and creative that it's inspiring. Good for you, Elizabeth, for helping them find their creativity.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hi, George. I used to by art supplies from Ellis Art (and they gave my students a show each month, too. Sharon and Jim were wonderfully supportive. I hated to see them go out of business.

I also used to buy art supplies from Taylor's Art (the previous incarnation of the building that's now University Art.) I agree that the current owners are much more community minded. They've been wonderful with the art show, and they give students a student discount on supplies.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks for stopping by, Richard. They are certainly an inspiration to me. Except for the one day a week when I teach art, I'm a full-time writer (which I love). But that art day is the high point of my week because of their total involvement. They are a real joy to me.

Tanya Lynne Reimer said...

Wow! That is some talent! Looking forward to seeing more of them in the years to come!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hi, Tanya. I'll keep doing the art club for as long as I can. I hope that's for a long, long time. I know you and Richard are both art lovers, so your comments make me happy.

Kate Larkindale said...

Beautiful artwork! You must be so proud!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hi, Kate, what's especially rewarding is seeing their own sense of pride in their work as they develop confidence in their ability. And their parents' pride in them. So nice to be a part of all that.

cleemckenzie said...

I love the Natomas area! We're neighbors--almost. I live in Los Gatos.

The art the students created is wonderful. I see some budding artists here.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks, Lee. I think some of these students will go on to become artists, too. They are really passionate about art as well as talented, and that combination seems to lead people into special professions like art.