Monday, April 9, 2012

Almost Off to Spain

The Puente Roman in Monforte de Lemos
A view from our galería window in Trasulfe

Nightfall in Tasulfe
     Wednesday we will be on our way to Galicia, Spain, for four weeks. Four weeks that will be almost entirely in Spanish, except when we are with our British friends. Does this mean that we are fluent in Spanish? No. It means our Spanish friends are supportive and kind as we thumb madly through our pocket dictionaries to figure out what they just said.
     But we love the experience. And our Spanish is getting better. 

     So, I probably will not be blogging before Sunday. But please check back, because I have lots to share:

     A review of Richard Hughes' story collection, Only the Lonely. (And my apologies, Richard, for putting your last name as Hansen in my last post when I passed out the Lucky 7 Meme. I have another friend named Hansen, and that just leaps out every time. I've made the correction in the post. And anyone reading this today, go check out his cool blog here. . . .)

     A review of a book by Lewis Buzbee (title withheld to keep you wondering.)

     A sprinkle of posts about Galicia.

     I also will be working on my MG while we're there: the one I quoted from in the last post. My goal is to finish this particular rewrite, which is entirely probable, as it's a great place to write, and I'm in the last third of this rewrite.
     And then, it looks like another rewrite. Which may be the final one. (Of course, you know how that goes. . . .)

     For now, it's house cleaning time so that I can leave the domicile in great shape for our fabulous house sitter, whom Cezar adores. (It's the only reason we can leave him for four weeks following his March misery when he had the ear infection.) She lives here while we are gone takes wonderful care of both house and dog.

     I also have a few submissions to get out before we leave, so adios and ciao for now. (Okay, so caio is Italian, but for some reason they say that a lot in Galicia.)


S.P. Bowers said...

Have fun in Spain. I loved it when we were there. Fortunatly my hubby spoke pretty good spanish.

Kenda Turner said...

Will read your posts on Spain with interest. Fingers crossed we may travel there for the first time later in the fall. Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

*Sigh* Can you take me with you?

Just kidding (not really).

Have fun! :)

Richard said...

Love your posts from Spain.

Annie Peters said...


It's Annie (previously) from the Sunday morning writing group.

I'm well acquainted with Buzbee's wife, Julie Bruck, so I'm looking forward to your review. Actually, Julie has a new book of poetry out as well.

Enjoy Spain! It's one of the few countries still on my to-do list. Such beauty!

Rosi said...

Have a fabulous time, Mitty! I'll be looking forward to traveling vicariously with you.

Joanna said...

Yay, off again, and this time not so far from me. I bet that is a good place to write! Have a most wonderful month!

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Hi, S.P, thanks for stopping by. It's good that your husband knows Spanish. We are getting there at tortoise speed.

Linda, Joanna, and Rosi, thanks for the good wishes.

Kenda, we will be going again in the fall. Keep me posted about your dates and where in Spain.

Richard, thanks for the encouragement you always give me about those posts. Your support has made me take a look at maybe doing some travel writing.

Annie, small world! I love Buzbee's books and knew his wife was a poet. I will look for her new book, as I also love poetry.

Jayne said...

A month in Spain? Oh how wonderful! I should imagine your Spanish will come on in leaps and bounds, and that pocket dictionary will stay snugly tucked away. Enjoy, relax, and have a wonderful time. :)

Claudia Del Balso said...

Have a wonderful trip! I absolutely love Spain, so much so, I've been there six times ;)
Hope you improve your Spanish :D

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Jayne and Claudia, thanks for the good wishes. I am so ready for this vacation!

Actually our Spanish is probably better than I've made it sound. We really are progressing. It's just that every time we start feeling, hey, we're on our way with Spanish, someone will say something, and we don't have a clue! :-)

Ah well, "poco a poco" as they say. ("little by little")

J.L. Campbell said...

Hope you have a lovely trip and that you get some work done while you're in Spain.

Carol Riggs said...

Oh, enjoy your trip!! That sounds like a marvelous opportunity. I think Spain would be a great place to visit or go on vacation to. :)

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Joy and Carol, Thanks for the good wishes. The part of Spain we go to is Galicia, in the northwest corner; except for some small cities and the famous pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela, it's mostly rural with tiny hilltop villages and lots of misty valleys. Very peaceful, and a great place to do work, so yes, I will be working on my book--as well as enjoying week-end fiestas and socializing with friends.

Jen Benson said...

Hi, I hope you are enjoying your vacation! Julia and Sydney’s art work was selected for 1st Place in the Watercolor Division at the CA. State Fair! They submitted several pieces and won a few other awards, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention too! Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and influence. These girls are super excited about being selected.

When do you return? State fair will exhibit the 1st place art work and we need it turned in by May 12th. I didn’t know the date of the actual art submission until they were selected as winners. We do need to submit the originals, I guess I should have grabbed their art folders after all. =)

Thanks! Jennifer Benson