Monday, March 1, 2010

Two Charming Story Collections for Children

Recently I had occasion to read two charming story collections written by Rachna Chhabria and illustrated by Rosei Koithra:

The Lion Who Wanted to Sing and Other Stories
Bunny in Search of a Name and Other Stories

These stories are gentle in tone and full of humor and quiet wisdom that never intrudes on the storytelling. The author describes them as “read-aloud books for parents and tiny tots”. They would also be appropriate as “early chapter books” for first and second graders. The first book is 39 pages, the second is 38 pages, and the stories are not too long or too difficult for an early reader.

In the first collection’s title story, “The Lion Who Wanted to Sing”, Leo pursues his dream with humorous results. In spite of scoffing friends and family, Leo doesn’t give up. “Kiara’s Diet”, explores the dangers of trying to be what you are not. In the third story, “The Promise”, a young sparrow’s act of mercy brings unusual consequences to all.

In “Bunny in Search of a Name” (the title story of the second collection), a discontented bunny finds that getting what you want has a price. In the next two stories, a small ant teaches a parrot the meaning of friendship, and a crow learns that those who admire an imposter are not trustworthy friends. The fourth story, “Chaos in the Jungle”, is perhaps the funniest. Again, it deals with the danger of granted wishes, especially when those wishes are based on envy.

All of these tales are charmingly told by Chhabria. Koithra’s spirited illustrations capture the animals’ personalities as they go through their various adventures.

Purchase information: The books are published by Unisun Publications and are available on

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