Friday, March 5, 2010

Today's Guest is Rachna Chhabria

Today’s guest blogger is Rachna Chhabria, author of The Lion Who Wanted to Sing and Bunny in Search of a Name. Here’s Rachna to tell you about her books.

“The journey of my picture books The Lion Who Wanted To Sing, and Bunny in Search Of A Name, from conception to publication, was swift and easy, courtesy of the enthusiastic publisher. I had written hundreds of features and stories for two Indian newspapers (Deccan Herald and The Hindu) before plunging full fledge into the world of children’s fiction.

“As a child, I was fascinated with the animal kingdom, from the tiny ant to the elephant. I would stare at a line of ants crawling into the anthill; and at the zoo, I would spend several minutes before each enclosure, memorizing every tiny detail. Questions regarding animals constantly buzzed inside my head: Did they have desires? What motivated them? What did they talk about?

“The two picture books are the result of those unanswered childhood questions. Deep inside each story are embedded my own secret desires, desires of all, irrespective of age. The issues faced by the animals are issues we all encounter at some point in our lives, like Kiara the baby elephant’s body image worries, or, Casca the crow’s deception.

“Like Bunny the baby rabbit, many of us may have felt we were saddled with unglamorous names. Unfortunately, most of us lack Bunny’s spirit of adventure to venture in search of a new name. Leo the lion, too, echoes everyone’s secret desire to be more than a bathroom singer. Unlike Leo, many of us are unable to summon the courage to take up singing, or sacrifice everything to achieve that goal.

“The animals in the books are all too human. Each animal has his or her own story to narrate. Sometimes the stories overlap (ours and theirs). But ultimately the tales are uniquely their own. I have written several more animal stories, all awaiting their participation in a book.


Amy Tate said...

Great interview! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Rachel Dillon said...

I can really relate to the questions you had as a child about the animal kingdom. I read a book called "When Elephants Weep," and it is all about animal and their real emotions. I'll have to look into your books for my kids. Thanks!

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