Monday, May 11, 2009

This New World of Blogging

Nancy, a writer friend, e-mailed me to say that she had written a wise and witty comment to my post about opera, and then couldn't post it.

Ah, that's the way of these tech matters. I am still trying to delete my one-line blog about still needing help with the signature thing, since I successfully solved the problem by going to "edit". (It seems obvious, doesn't it; particularly since the concepts "revise" and "edit" are so basic to a writer's life. But there you are: sometimes my computer and I have different ideas about how to apply a concept.)

Another friend, Bryan, suggested that I join Twitter and learn to tweet. Good grief,I'm just learning to blog. Besides, I think I'm too garrulous to tweet.

Nancy, I'd really like to read that wise and witty comment. If you still can't post it, then e-mail it.

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