Friday, May 1, 2015

Time Tested Books and a Book Signing

Wednesday I had a book signing at my favorite bookstore, Time Tested Books, on 21st Street, between K and L. It's a marvelous place. I have spent hours and hours through the years, browsing the wonderful selections. I never leave a bookstore empty-handed, but I usually leave this one with an armful of books. The owner, Peter Keat, always can find what I'm looking for. His staff, Finian and Mazelle, are the same. All the books are nicely organized, and the atmosphere is gracious. It's a great place for a book lover to hang out. Once my husband even phoned me there, because he knew where I'd be when I didn't come home from one of my walks. (For a sampler of what to find, read some of the reviews on Yelp, HERE. )

So when I learned Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls was going to be published in June, I knew exactly where I wanted to have my book signing. MX Publishing sends exclusive shipments to independent booksellers who give pre-publishing signings. The signing went very well. I'll skip now to pictures of the evening. An evening of great fun, I have to add. It felt like one big party! You can see in the background what a great bookstore this. (Side note: MX specializes in Sherlock Holmes-related books, so if you're a Sherlockian, you can find lots of good reads HERE. )

This is Maddy. She was the perfect Imogene! 
 On the right, (your right) is Maddy Johnson, the actress who started in the trailer everyone liked. In the picture below is her father, Steve Johnson, who put the trailer together. Steve is a magician and has a wonderful magic-and-costume shop in Carmichael, Grand Illusions. Want some magic tricks? Wand a magician at your party? Need a costume? You can learn more about Grand Illusions HERE
And this is her father, Steve Johnson, who made the trailer

Friends and neighbors

Fellow teachers and writers

JaNay and Rosi, fellow writers. JaNay
wrote the fantastic PB, Imani's Moon.
Between them, Julie, with whom I
used to teach. Next to Rosi, Bob,
from a former group. In front, one of
my art students, Miranda. 

Nancy, David, & Naomi were in a
former writing group. Nancy is in one
of my current groups. She wrote All
We Left Behind, which I'm reviewing
 next week. Naomi's book, Landfalls,
is coming out in August.

Then there were my super cool
teacher friends from Elder Creek,
where I used to teach.

Next to Rosi, another writing group
member, Paddy, and her two boys.
Super-teacher Julie at the right.
In pink, our fabulous house-sitter, Dana.
She's going to have a little boy, soon.
Next to her, in maroon, Bethany, a school
librarian who's had kind things to say
about Imogene. 

Erica (tallest) and Vanessa
are wonderful artists in my art
class. Sofia is still too young,
but I hope she'll join in the future
Even my dentist came! (green shirt). That was so kind of him.
And Kari (wearing cap; hubby Bill by her side) organized my
school visit to Matsuyama Elementary School, April 17.
That was another wonderful event. The kids were super! 

And there you have it! A wonderful evening, surrounded by books and friends in a wonderful location, with my wonderful husband taking pictures. What more could you ask?

Meanwhile, check out the links above, and come back next week for my review of Nancy Herman's book, All We Left Behind, a deeply moving story about the Donner party, through the eyes of Virginia Reed.


Geo. said...

Thank you for a most enjoyable presentation Wednesday evening. Mr. Keat had to bring in more chairs throughout. I'm greatly enjoying your book too!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Aw, thanks, Geo., I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks to you and Norma both for coming!

"Enjoying your book . . ." Music to an author's ears!

Anonymous said...

This looks like it was a super fun evening! Love the pics you shared here and on Facebook!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Catherine, it really was fun. It was a great crowd. I was very happy for the turnout. Glad you like the pictures.

Kenda Turner said...

This does look like a fun evening--and a great group of friends and supporters. Wow, looks like you had much to savor here! Congratulations again on your upcoming release.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks, Kenda. Yes, the support meant so much. I really appreciated the turnout. Thanks for stopping by.

Kate Larkindale said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful event!

Rosi said...

It was a wonderful event. I had never been to Time Tested Books but will definitely return. Great bookstore! Congratulations.

Tanya Lynne Reimer said...

Oh congrats! Looks like a great turn out with a lot of support!