Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On Our Way

Early tomorrow morning we will be on our way to Spain. Well, Philadelphia first, where we change flights, and then on to Madrid. Next, a short flight to Santiago de Compestela, and then a drive to the tiny hamlet of Trasulfe, one of the more beautiful spots on this planet. Trasulfe is in the region of Galicia, the northwest corner of Spain, a region with two coastlines, endless hills and dales, crosswinds and ghostly mist, and brilliant sunshine. It's been called "Green Spain" by some, and "Ireland with sunshine" by others. this is not the Spain of bullfights and Flamenco dancers. It has a Celtic history, as well as a Roman history. It's an area with a rich tradition of bagpipe music and pilgrimages to the cathedral in Santiago.

We had planned to be on our way to India tomorrow, to visit Rajan's family, and then go on to Spain. But Swine Flu has struck India. Since it's believed to be brought in mainly from people returning from the U.S., passengers from the U.S. are being scrutinized for symptoms, which could result in quarrantining. I'm really sorry for the postponement. I love India and our family there. Whenever we do visit, I can't get enough of India. Still, we hope to make our India trip at end of January and combine it with a reunion of Rajan's classmates from engineering college. (More about the reunion in a later blog, as time is short, and characteristically, I haven't finished packing yet.) For now, it's on to Spain, which I also love. We don't have family there, but we do have wonderful friends and neighbors.

A prime reason I haven't finished packing is due to my pledge to wind up some writing projects. I am happy to say that yesterday I sent out my chapter book to an agent, a picture book to a publishing company, and two poems, each to a different magazine. Apart from being on pins and needles to see what the responses will be, now I feel I can relax on vacation. I have to confess, though, I'm taking two stories to work on, as well as some notes on my historical novel that need organizing. But, even on vacation, writing a couple of hours a day is fun. And I'm eager to get to work on that book when return.

I'll also be making an author visit to my old school, Elder Creek Elementary when we get back. The librarian, Eva Chu, is setting things up so that I can discuss The Fourth Wish at an assembly and then sign books afterward. This is my first school visit as an author. It definitely should be interesting. I'm already getting excited.

Still, I'd better finish packing if we plan to be on our way tomorrow. "Adios" for now.

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